photography of New Mexico Placitas Anasazi Winery show - Perspectives
Anasazi Fields Winery Events

Special Opening and Solstice BBQ on
June 22, 2013







From the Latin sanctuarium, which is like most words ending in -arium, a container for keeping something in.
Perspectives' photographers depict sanctuary in the world around them, in conventional and unconventional places. 

South Broadway Cultural Center-site
Exhibit dates: September 5 - October 12, 2013
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Artist’s Reception - to be determined

PERSPECTIVES' Photo-Based Art Group
was born May 2009 with a mission of embracing excellence, originality and innovation. The group expanded from four members to seven, whose different styles and vision are influenced by the spell of “Light, Space and Time” cast by New Mexico onto those who live here.

AbandonedSanctuary, on a personal level, is where
we perform the job
of taking care of our soul.

~ Christopher Forrest McDowell


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